Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Waveyard gets 18 more months

Mesa City Council has granted Waveyard 18 more months. If you recall, Waveyard wanted 2 more years because of the downturn in the market. As we said before, this really doesn't impact Mesa much, since they retain the ownership of the land and have no financial stake in the project.

We originally called for a 6 month extension, Mesa appears to be a little more generous, offering 18. We still believe that the site would be a prime location for a Spring Training facility, but it looks like Mesa must have other plans in mind.

Meanwhile, would it kill Waveyard to let us know what is going on in awhile? It appears that some of the architecture has changed:

Apparently, people are white water rafting in Morroco or the lost island of Atlantis. That, however, is not really the point. The project, as far as we can tell, still looks very fun and exciting. That remains about as far as our knowledge goes on the project.

We heard from them when they needed our vote, but now they are nowhere to be found. It would be helpful for them to keep us in the loop with what is going on, instead of only popping up their head when they need something.

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Heath Reed said...

I agree I do not like how they are quite about the whole thing, but really, how much do they have to say when the market crashes on them and nothing goes forward.

Now, I have said before, Im not for the city to kill this deal when cretin factors have affected the outcome within the 2 year deal. So, when the people overwhelmingly approved this, you have to give them a chance to make it happen within a reasonable amount of time. Some will say, the past two years was enough. You say 6 months, and the city says 18 months with conditions. I understand deadline, but I really like that they have certain conditions waveyard has to provide that they are moving forward. Plus, if the market is so bad, why in a rush to get rid of a great idea? Nothing else has come forward, and the city should not sale low. I still support Waveyard, but am unsure these guys can get it done. I understand why some in city hall do not feel they can get it done. But we need to give them a chance. I hope that they come forward and start to release some plans, renderings and info. I really hope it happens because I think it could be big for Mesa, but if not, we do not lose a thing.