Monday, September 21, 2009

Sheriff Joe's enemies list

On Friday, prosecutors decided to drop their case against Supervisor Don Stapley. On Monday, the Sheriff's Office has once again arrested Stapley, this time on different charges. The new charges appear to be similar to the old charges, it that, they look like they were put together by someone who is trying really hard to dig into the cracks and find any wrongdoing. Last time, it was paperwork, this time it has something to do with bank accounts.

The lesson here, of course, is do not get on Sheriff Joe's enemies list. If at first he doesn't succeed, he'll try, try again. What is scary here is that this sort of harassment could happen to anyone, not just elected officials.

Whether or not they are able to make any of these charges stick this time, it's clear that they are going to whatever it takes to get their man. If they can do it to Stapley, why can't they do it to you? How many hours have been wasted in these little squabbles back and forth? How much taxpayer money has been wasted? Did they really need to use more sheriffs to take Stapley into custody? Where were these charges before now? Isn't this all a little bit too convenient?

From raiding Mesa City hall to arresting our County Supervisor, it's no wonder that the Sheriff has it in for Mesa. How long can this guy go unchecked before someone speaks up? How can we feel safe going to the law when we know that someone like this is behind it?

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