Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mesa gets tough on massage laws

Mesa is looking to take quick action on the laid back massage laws that appear to have brought a lot of seedy parlors into town. They are looking to get the law done by the end of the year, and no one is going to be grandfathered in.

This is great news for Mesa, which hosts 120 parlors compared to Phoenix's 116, despite the fact that they are 3 times as large. This will be a major victory in Mesa's battle to take back its image.

This is only a part of the solution. The other part is enforcement. Mesa PD must be emowered to take a look at the parlors that are acting illegally and do something about them. Not only will this help Mesa's image, but it will allow the legitimate businesses to work they way they are supposed to. Legitimate businesses must be given the tools to thrive, and regulation should be used to drive out the illegitimate ones.

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