Monday, September 28, 2009

Mesa: DC Darling

Gateway Airport is going to receive a $8.9 million grant from the Federal Aviation Administration to help expand their terminal. This makes up nearly the entire cost of the planned expansion. This is great news for the growing hub, especially since the expansions will be needed to accommodate the potential traffic from the Gaylord.

With this latest from the FAA and the news last week that Mesa is getting stimulus funds for fire stations, it's hard not to think that Mesa is the new darling of Washington DC. Is it because Mesa has been at the back of the line for awhile and now has a lot going for it? Or is it because Democrats are going after Mesa?

Either way, it's nice for Mesa to finally be on the winning end. Momentum is contagious and the more we focus on our success the more success we'll attract. Let's just hope that all this generosity from DC doesn't come with strings attached.

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