Thursday, September 17, 2009

Now is not the time for concerns about first impressions

Extra, extra, read all about it. The Loop 202 - Red Mountain as it enters into Mesa isn't all that pretty. There is a lot of industrial in the area, not to mention the mine and the river bottom. The article goes through all of this in painstaking detail for some unknown purpose.

Now is not the time to start complaining about first impressions or pointing out even more of Mesa's shortfalls. Talking ill about Mesa isn't all that great, especially the day after the Mayor explained how we are going to need a new stadium to keep the Cubs. Do you think that perhaps a few people out of Chicago went on to try to learn a little more about Mesa after meeting with the Mayor? What do you think they thought when they saw an article talking about how ugliness of Mesa's freeways.

As the economy continues to struggle along, it is easy to let that negative attitude that used to pervade Mesa to come back. First, it's little "only in Mesa" comments, next it's "Mesa's freeways are ugly because they're cheap" and it just snowballs from there. We have to address problems as they come up, but why make more just for sport?

How was this article even newsworthy?


Heath Reed said...

This was a lame article that really had no point. Yes, the entrance into Mesa from the 202 is not grand. In fact, there is no grand entrance into any city in this valley. IT ALL LOOKS THE SAME! You just see a sign that says "Welcome to ......" Is the entrance into Tempe beautiful? How about Phoenix? To me, this is poor journalism that is going on by local papers. This is just to drive traffic to their site.

bsmith said...

Some Reporters are very biased over at azcentral. It almost like they are trying to keep there jobs so they post a neg mesa article to show the boss man they have readers.(racist readers at that) I wouldnt think that way if I didn't go to other cities page and see that Scottsdale mom new face of Scottsdale jeans co. or lil timmy lost his cat type articles.