Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ho ho ha ha hee he ha ha

Make sure you check out the Mesa Historical Museum's Wallace and Ladmo exhibit between now and December. Wallace and Ladmo, a staple of children's television out here for 35 years, is unique piece of Arizona history. Did you always want to win a Ladmo bag and never have the chance? Well, make sure you check out the exhibit where you can sign up to meet Wallace and you can even win your very own Ladmo Bag... with original hostess cupcakes still inside (just kidding).

From their visits to Tri-City Mall to their appearances at the state fair, Wallace and Ladmo were the top local celebrities long before Alice Copper and the rest. It was the dream of every Cub Scout and Girl Scout to be selected to be up on that stage and get to say your name for everyone out there in TV land. Make sure you take your kids out there and share with them something from your childhood.

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