Monday, September 21, 2009

Dobson Ranch Tragedy

Last year it was the grad night shootings, now, in a different part of Dobson Ranch, a mother has murdered her children and committed suicide. This is a horrible tragedy, especially for the father of these innocent children. It seems like, these days, no area is immune to these sorts of events.

When you add in the Fiesta Mall stabbing, it is natural to ask: What is wrong with West Mesa? Well, before you try to blame the downfall on the area, remember that each of these incidents is very unexpected and were perpetrated by an individual who was acting way beyond the acceptible limits of society. One was a crime of passion, the other two appear to be brought about by extreme mental illness.

These aren't gang related crimes, nor are they ones usually connected with the degredation of an area. Perhaps that is why these incidents are so shocking - there is no way to predict them and it would be very hard to prevent them. In the end, the best we can do is come together as a community and support this area in its time of need. There is a father to be consolled and classmates who will be searching for answers on how a tragedy like this can happen. Although the neighborhood will never quite be the same, let's hope the tightknit community mentioned in the paper is able to band together to get through this horrible event.

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