Thursday, September 24, 2009

Report Copper Theft

Copper theft is costing you money. In fact, it is costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage and labor. Mesa is already in a budget hole, and these type of unbudgeted repairs cost materials and labor that we simply don't have the money for. Blogger Joanna Allhands is right, we should be angry about this.

First, these thieves are costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to retrieve only a fraction of that cost in copper. Where are they selling it? How do companies look the other way as people bring in wads of clearly used and hastily lashed together copper? How are legitimate businesses getting a way with promoting theft?

Second, isn't there something Mesa can do to make the bases of these polls more secure? A could of screws doesn't seem to be doing the trick. Can you weld a lock on these things or some other way to secure them more? At least it would take the thieves longer to crack the case.

Finally, it's up to all of us. Everyone needs to keep their eye out for suspicious activity, especially near parks and other facilities that have a lot of lighting. When you are in a public facility, you should remember that your tax dollars help pay for it.

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