Friday, July 17, 2009

Waveyard needs two more years

The folks behind Waveyard have finally popped up their heads, to tell Mesa that they need more time. It has been six months since we last heard from them, and since they continue to fail to build goodwill within the community, it's not that big of a surprise that the rumblings about letting the deal expire are starting to grow.

Before people run to get their pitchforks, remember that Mesa does not have to invest any money in this project. The City is not out any money, nor would they be if they waited. The ballfields, golf course, and park would just continue on uniterrupted. So, Mesa really doesn't really risk much.

However, the question on if two years is too long is a legitimate one.

We just discussed how if Mesa was to build a new spring training facility, it should be near a freeway. This location is near the intersection of two. This location is valuable, and perhaps it's time to start at least considering other alternatives.

Waveyard is still potentially an amazing attraction and destination unlike anything that has been done before. Mesa would do right to give them some more time, say 6 months, to see what they come back with. The project was voter approved, and respecting the will of the voters is always the way to go.

In the meantime, it would behoove city leaders to consider other alternatives, so if Waveyard is not delivered as promised, there are some ways to avert voter disappointment. Once again, it could be a way for the new council to step in and save the day.


Heath Reed said...

6 months is really not going to get anything done, especially in this market with this type of innovative project. Some are starting to lend, but to safer projects and this one is unknown to most lenders and many are not willing to take the risk. I think the city should talk to Jerry and Richard and see what the plan is going forward. Im not sure about the communication between the city and Waveyard, but the city should have a good feel how long the financing should take and give them just a little longer than that. 2 years might be too much, but then again, this is a good project, one the city should be patient on and not run in years past.

On the other side, the more I think about it, the city should not write the fate of this great idea and development, but the masterminds of Waveyard should. If they can pull it off, that would be awesome. If not, the city is at no loss. Let the market take this idea and lets see what will happen. For now, the market has not been kind to any type of development. City should grant them a 2 year extension and get out of the way because we have not lost any money over this. Lets give it time and see if they can deliver. The residents need to relax and stop being hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

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