Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Do it for the children!

Mesa Public Schools is putting together a committee to figure out how they are going to approach their future of declining enrollment and dwindling funding. They want the citizens to be involved with the school planning and making the tough decisions. It is a smart move considering the outrage the last time they tried to close a school.

Also in November, voters will have a chance to vote on something to do with the schools. Well, at least for the children, or something like that. These signs have been springing up all over town:

It took all sorts of googling, but as it turns out Mesa Schools is having a maintenance and operations override. Is it Question 1? Is it Proposition 100? Who knows, but as you can see from the sign, it's for the kids! Also, mounting these signs on chainlink fences with barbed wire on the top is a good move because a) it makes the kids look like they are behind bars, and b) it certainly shows a great future for the children who choose to stay in Mesa.

It might be helpful if you told people what you are voting on. And the kids are cute, but what do they mean? What are they leaning on - are those books? We are very supportive of Mesa Public Schools and wish them the best, but we don't think they should have let their students design the signs.

Honestly, we haven't seen signs this bad since Rex Griswold's smiling face staying up while roadside memorials went down.


Heath Reed said...

This is usually emotional tactics. Save the kids education is going to pull people to vote for the issue. You have three happy kids with their arms under books. I actually think it is a good sign and the location is typical of any political sign because of the abundant chain link fences that dot Mesa.
I still believe that MPS is still one of the best school districts in the state. That might not be saying much because of the poor quality of education in this state. But it is better than most. I do think that MPS needs to find specialties for students to study and advance in their education. Curriculum needs to be harder and more challenging to the students to excel beyond MPS. In addition to that, we need safe routs to our schools. Some of the areas don’t feel safe to walk or bike too. This needs to change too.

Mesa Issues said...

We know what they are going for. we love MPS and we think they do a great job. We just think the sign is too generic, especially in this economy where you have to be very compelling for voters to open up their pocketbook.