Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mr. Smith goes to Chicago - Cubs Update

Mayor Smith is in Chicago this week with Speaker Kirk Adams and others to meet with the Cubs and discuss their spring training future. After their first meeting today, Mayor Smith believes that it is going to take a new stadium to keep the Cubs in Mesa, otherwise there is a real "threat" that we will lose them to Florida.

Well, there you have it. At least it is all out on the table now. The Cubs haven't asked for the stadium, but you could bet that it was only a matter of time before they did. Or even more interesting, they may never step forward demanding a new stadium, because they don't have to be the "greedy owner" demanding a new place to play. It just so happens that Florida's offer would likely contain a new stadium, and thus, unless Mesa matches, it is going to be a superior offer.

Either way, you have to hand it to Mayor Smith for trying to get ahead of the game and laying all of the cards on the table. Of course, this is a make or break issue for him, so it's wise for him to not leave this in the hands of someone else. So, now we move beyond the speculation phase into a reality phase.

What realistically can be done? Keep the Cubs is reporting that the D-Backs facility is already getting costly. Is $70-80 million a realistic number for a new facility? Where will it be located? Will there be shopping and restaurants nearby? We'll keep following this issue as it develops. In the meantime, check out Keep the Cubs to join their movement.

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Heath Reed said...

if we do not act, have a solid plan and sale it like a champ, the cubs are gone. Fact is, the cubs are the biggest draw and want to have the best of the best. But at the taxpayers cost? Im not sure. That is why the city has to be creative and look into a PPP to get this done. We need the cubs and they could be an even bigger draw if they get a new stadium with a better location.