Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Quick Hits

Falcon Field neighbors file complaints. Planes landing sometimes can be noisy. It is worth the economic value that the airport brings to the city. Both runways should be used to maintain efficiency and get the most out of the facility and the neighbors knew about the airport when they moved there.

Group still trying to save the Train. Who knew that they were still around? It doesn't look like anything has changed since April, but now they have a few more fundraisers planned. Is Mesa going to let this go on indefinately? In the meantime, is the train safe to the public? If the train is allowed to sit as is, asbestos and all, indefinitely, is there really a problem in the first place?

Less than public Waveyard miffed at private meeting. Waveyard was probably happy with the outcome, but we find it ironic that they were surprised when Mesa wanted to discuss the issue in private instead of in the public. After all, Waveyard has been so public with their plans and communicating with the citizens of Mesa who voted to allow their project.

Commenters don't seem to get economic impact of Cubs. Some people don't seem to realize that the Cubs are above and beyond as the top draw of Spring Training across the Valley. These commenters want to wish the Cubs "good riddance," but they don't realize how much of a terrible impact it would have on the rest of the league. Support the Keep the Cubs effort.

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Heath Reed said...

Cant stand the whiners out around Falcon Field. I really hope the city ignores this because the airport was their first. If you let all of these whiners run this city, well, you think we are in a bad stop, think again. I don’t expect these type of people to get the economic impact of the cubs. Remember, there are a bunch of wackos who run these comments on the repub. Its just stupidity, but the facts speak for themselves.