Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Still not convinced Dems are going after Mesa?

First, President Obama speaks in Mesa. Next, U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke comes to La Mesita family homeless shelter to promote the new "United We Serve" program as one of the 17 visits across the United States. Now, Mesa receives $6 million for new police officers as part of the stimulus program.

This represents nearly half of the $12.6 million in stimulus that Arizona received in additional officers. The next closest group was the Salt River Police Department who received $1.45 million. That means that Mesa received more than 4 times the amount of stimulus money than any other group. Even more interesting, City of Phoenix received nothing.

Are you still not convinced that Dems are going after Mesa? Is this part of a broader effort to gain in-roads in Arizona or is this more to provide support for Congressman Harry Mitchell?

Despite another crowded Republican Primary, the Democrats appear to be doing what they can to make sure that Mitchell will have a lot of ammunition in the conservative portion of his district as he comes into an election year.

Mesa has been in the Whitehouse spotlight three times now in less than 7 months. One has to start to think that this is part of some bigger plan.

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Heath Reed said...

That is politics and they know this area is big for them to keep a Dem in there. Mesa in general is not going to be dominated by dems. They see a poor economy and people who are vulnerable who are looking for help from anyone. They see a base in west mesa that can be had. Im not surprised, but then again, I am. They see this state turning blue in the future due to the immigrants that have come from other liberal states. Mesa wont for now, but to the west of us, it is going blue and dark blue.