Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What does it mean?

I read on Thoughts on Mesa that the Mesa Police Department is no longer accredited. I looked around the web and no where else did I find this news. So, does this mean that it didn't really happen or its not that big of news? I can't really tell because I looked at the link that they provided and I can't quite figure out what the accreditation means.

It doesn't appear to me to be a procedural issue. It looks like some sort of annual report that must be filed to keep in good standing. The idea of keeping tabs on officers and changing the rules to suit their needs does sound like a law enforcement official... I just can't think of which one. Oh wait, maybe the one who has his own personal swat force and raided Mesa City Hall.

Ironically, Sheriff Joe's jail lost National accreditation in October, but we haven't heard much about it. Is Thoughts on Mesa "flabbergasted" about this as well? Doubtful since they think the Goldwater Institute is missing the ball on their criticism of Arpaio.

If you are going to criticize the Mesa Police Department, point to the "getting paid to put on a uniform" debacle or questioning if they did enough in the Fiesta Mall stabbing. They have their own successes and failures just like any other group.

Demonizing Gascon doesn't really help.

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