Monday, December 29, 2008

Light Rail comes to Mesa

The opening of light rail was met with large lines and a lot of interested onlookers. Today is considered to be the real test of the train as a commuter option. However, I would bet that it won't really be a commuter test until next Monday when everyone returns to a regular work week.

I know people who have the first part of the week off, and others who have the second half off, and some very lucky ones who have the whole week off. So, it may take some time to test the commuter capabilities, but it will get a good workout on New Years Eve for the block party and the Insight bowl. Soon after, they will be decked out for the NBA All-Star game.

I was not able to attend the opening, so if you were there, let me know how the party was and if Grand Funk put on a good show. As I have said before, I am going to wait and see how this thing works out, but its great that people are paying attention. Now, the question will be if they are actually willing to use the light rail as a viable form of transportation.

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Heath Reed said...

Its good to see such a high number the first week. As you said, we will see how residents embrace light rail. I am a big supporter of it and use it all the time up here in Denver. It is a great alternative. If Gas prices go up again, I think we will see rider ship go up, just like bus rider ship did.