Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gaylord Election Part 2

Just a little while after my last post, I got a press release in my email with the complete listing of the people who filed in support of the Gaylord Election. I had said before that 41 was impressive, but I didn't know it was a record number.

Here is the release I received from the campaign:

Record Number of Ballot Arguments Filed in Support of Proposition 300 – Mesa Proving Grounds Resort Core
Yes on 300 files 41 statements of support from across Mesa for the March 2009 Election

MESA – The Yes on 300 committee in support of the Mesa Proving Grounds Resort Core filed a record number of ballot arguments with the Mesa City Clerk yesterday. In all, 41 statements were filed in support with zero statements filed in opposition.

These ballot arguments will be part of the official publicity pamphlet containing ballot language and background information that the City of Mesa will send to every registered voter. Citizens are given an opportunity to submit letters of support or opposition to be included in the pamphlet.

"I am pleased with the record number of people who were willing to show their support for this historic project," said Councilmember Scott Somers, Chairman of the Yes on 300 Committee. "Our goal with this committee will be to educate voters about the project. We want to show how the largest private investment in Mesa's history will jump start development in the Gateway area. This will be a catalyst for Mesa's future economic engine."

"We need to be actively looking for opportunities like this to support the long-term health of our economy and boost revenues, especially in these challenging times," said Mayor Scott Smith. "What we will be voting on represents a private investment of one billion dollars, and will create thousands of jobs and millions in revenue for Mesa without a tax increase. We won't have to wait long to see the results either, as Mesa is projected to see nearly $70 million in new revenue in the first 10 years."

The statements of support came from citizens and elected officials from all parts of Mesa and many organizations:

· Mayor Scott Smith
· Councilmember Scott Somers
· Councilmember Kyle Jones
· Councilmember Dave Richins
· Councilmember Dennis Kavanaugh
· Councilmember Alex Finter
· Councilmember Dina Higgins
· DMB Associates Inc.
· Gaylord Entertainment
· United Mesa Firefighters
· Mesa Police Association
· Mesa Fraternal Order of Police
· Mesa Convention and Visitors Bureau
· Mesa Chamber of Commerce
· Speaker-Elect Kirk Adams
· Senator Thayer Vershoor
· Senator-Elect Russell Pearce
· Representative Rich Crandall
· Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock
· Carl Kunasek, Former State Senate President
· Rex Griswold, Former Councilmember
· Dr. Jim Zaharis, Former Mesa Public Schools Superintendent
· John M. Williams, Jr., President, SRP
· Roc Arnett, East Valley Partnership
· Pat Esparza, Chairperson Planning and Zoning Commission
· Frank Mizner, Mesa Planning and Zoning Board Member
· Matt Tolman, Chairman, District 18 Republicans and Former West Mesa City Council Candidate
· Steve Chucri, President and CEO of Arizona Restaurant Association
· Sherry Henry, Arizona Tourism Alliance
· Dr. Sally Downey, Superintendent and CEO, EVIT
· Lynn Strang, President, Mesa Baseline Rotary, Public Relations Director, EVIT
· Dr. John Schroeder, Provost, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
· Marty Whalen, Long-time Mesa Resident
· Terry Benelli, Neighborhood Economic Development
· Brian Campbell, Member of East Valley Partnership Board of Directors and Past Chairman of Mesa's Economic Development and Advisory Board
· Jason Barney, Landmark Companies, Circle G Property Development, Barney Farms
· Chuck Wahlheim, Former CEO Cox Arizona Publications
· John Perkinson, Perkinson Companies
· Arizona Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce
· Lois C. Yates, Executive Director, Falcon Field Area Alliance
· Deanna Becker, Sophomore, Desert Ridge High School

"Voting Yes on Proposition 300 will bring a world-renowned resort and tourist destination to Mesa. Gaylord Entertainment is known for their 'everything-in-one-place' properties and they have earned a reputation as an employer of choice by treating their employees as STARS," said Robert Brinton, President of the Mesa Convention and Visitors Bureau and Treasurer of the Yes on 300 Committee, "We have a great story to tell and these support statements are just the beginning of our efforts to encourage the passage of Proposition 300 and the Mesa Proving Grounds Resort Core."


Heath Reed said...

I hope it passes. I am excited that there is so much support. This development will spun more interest into the area faster and bring investment and hopefully higher paying jobs into Mesa.

Second thing is, they are working with DMB on making their development along with Westcor to fallow DMB’s Form Based Codes. That is huge, especially for a development like t his. It will make it more urban out there too if it becomes a true city center.

David said...

Great. More golf courses? Is this the best the council can do? What happened to the technology and manufacturing companies talked about a year ago? Lazy, shortsighted bunch.