Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mixed news for people with disabilities

This current economy has brought a mixed bag of news for the community as a whole as well as those with disabilities.

On the positive side, a gallery featuring artists with disabilities has opened downtown across from the Mesa Arts Center. They are currently renting the space purely for the cost of the utilities, which I would assume is a function of the landlord wanting the building to be occupied. In this case, it doesn't cost the landlord anything since the space wasn't being used, and they get to build goodwill within the community.

However, as reported on the front page of the Tribune this morning, the current budget cuts threaten programs for the disabled, with some programs being reduced and others being eliminated completely. Just as the cost cuts have impacted other quality of life items, these special programs are also threatened by the multi-million dollar hole that Mesa faces.

Perhaps these two organizations could get together to find a way to work to eachother's mutual benefit.

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