Monday, December 1, 2008

Great news for Gateway

Thanksgiving Weekend spurred Gateway's busiest day ever on Wednesday with over 2,100 passengers travelling. Bustling parking lots, gift shops, and terminals is a good sign for the future of the airport. It is also downright amazing that the terminal annex was able to be built in about 75 days according to the story.

Allegiant is adding more flights in January and who knows if they have any more plans to throw another super saver cheap flight sale. It will be interesting to see if these passenger counts continue throughout the holiday as people look for flights that are either closer to home or get them to a slightly better destination.

I would assume that other airlines are looking at this growing time along with the Gaylord Resort election in March to see if they should start looking into expanding to Gateway. After all, the future growth of the valley is either south and east into Pinal County or way out west. Sensible airport service closer to home that keep people from having to drive to Sky Harbor is only going to continue to make more sense.

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