Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gateway Airport's Future

Gateway Airport has finished their master plan after working on it for the last two years. It took a bit of looking, but I believe you can check out all of the documentation on the City of Mesa's site.

The exciting news is that they are predicting over 2 million passengers by 2027. Depending on development, they could see more than 5 million in that period of time. I am glad that they are being realistic, especially right now, when development seems to be grinding to a halt.

The expansion would not only be a benefit to Mesa but also the entire Southeast Valley - but it comes with a fairly hefty price tag. A $755 million estimated cost, with about $342 million falling to the cities does not seem like something that Mesa would be able to commit to in the immediate future. With so much going on out there, including the GM Proving Grounds project, its essential that Mesa is able to find ways to make that airport capable of handling an influx of traffic.


Heath Reed said...

Gateway area plan is hopefully going to even out horrible planning and political decisions of the past. The plan is innovative and is focuses on the changing environment to make this area successful instead of just another stamp of the same ol airport with nothing but industry in the area. Good thing DMB came to the city and opened their eyes of the possibilities of mix use. If Hawker had his way, it would be half asphalt and the other half ugly industry that makes all those Cracker Jack homes out their change to the ghetto.

Heath Reed said...

Oh, and Gaylord will transform this area and is going to follow the FBC that is in the Master Plan. That is huge for the Gateway Master Plan.