Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gaylord Election - 41 to 1 apparently

Two interesting stories regarding the Gaylord election in March:

First, Senator Chuck Gray publicly criticized the plan at a chamber meeting. On the other hand, the "ballot arguments" were filed yesterday and there were 41 pro-statements including several other legislators who don't seem to share Gray's opinion. Even Russell Pearce is among those who are supporting the project.

So, from the look of it, the official score appears to be 41 in favor and 1 against, although Gray's statements won't appear in the booklet. I remembered there was an interesting collection of folks who were in favor of the Waveyard project, so I went back and looked, and sure enough Gray was on the list. So why was Waveyard better than the Gaylord plan in his mind? We can look to the other Gaylord resorts around the nation and see how this thing works and they have a track record.

Gary Nelson also whipped out the "who's who" line a year and a half a go when talking about Waveyard and their 23 arguments. I would think that filing 41 is even more impressive. What's more, none of the naysayers appear to be out banging the drum. At least so far.

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