Thursday, November 13, 2008

Perception vs. Reality

Mesa has just spent $70,500 on a new marquee for the Arts center. The article is very clear that the money comes from a dedicated fund for onsite projects, but it doesn't change the fact that people think the city is spending money in the middle of a dramatic financial downturn where police and fire are being cut.

In the wake of the first property tax in almost 60 years, this is not the type of story you want out there to help maintain the trust of the voters. Again, I understand that this money is separate and set aside, but perhaps now wasn't the best time to spend it. While you may be losing "40,000 eyes" a day, I would argue that more than 40,000 eyes still read the Republic (probably even more now that the Trib is falling apart).

Either the city should continue to work on their perception issues, or maybe the should shut down a few of the more "luxury" items for now.

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