Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fiesta Mall Update

Here is a great run down of the rennovations of Fiesta Mall and what is coming up. Fiesta Mall will be having a showcase on November 21 - 23 including live entertainment and the arrival of Santa. This seems like the typical holiday fare, but it will be leading up to more exciting developments next year.

There is a slate of new stores opening in the spring including Best Buy and Dick's Sporting Goods as well as new restaurants. Its interesting that they rennovated the food court again, since its been rennovated more than once already. Let's hope that these changes are enough to keep the area afloat during this economic downturn.

With the closure of Circuit City, leaving the entire plaza at Longmore and Southern now vacant, it is probably safe to say that the Fiesta District isn't going to recover right away. However, these changes should help the long term viability.

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