Friday, November 21, 2008

Mesa looks for help at Gateway

Currently, Mesa foots the bill for all of the police and fire service at Gateway airport. As they grow out there, they are looking for other governments to chip in to pay for emergency services.

This makes sense since the other communities already help pay for the operations of the airport. The fact of the matter is that the airport is a regional assett that is going to bring benefits to every community near by. While Mesa is going to benefit significantly in terms of an economic boost, cities like Gilbert and Queen Creek are also going to see a lot of their own opportunities.

The Gaylord project seems to be the initial salvo in the activation of the area, and if the Mesa voters approve it, there will likely be a whole slew of projects that will come on line soon after. As they have said before, the Gateway area is likely to lead the way in getting out of this economic slowdown. It should be in the entire southeast valley's interest to make sure it has an opportunity to succeed and the revenues necessary to offer basic services.

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