Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mesa School Board Election

Three new members were elected to the Mesa Public Schools Board yesterday. Here are the results:

- ALI'VARIUS, KATE J. 39538 19.52%
- ENTREKIN, LANCE 25911 12.79%
- NICHOLS, MICHAEL S.* 44061 21.75%
- PETERSON, STEVEN J.* 49040 24.21%
- WHITING, BEN* 43999 21.72%

Someone also just showed me how to use the county's campaign finance reporting, which is very neat and helpful in local races. Here are their campaign finance reports:

Kate Ali'varius
Lance Entrekin
Michael Nichols
Steven Peterson
Ben Whiting

The campaigns were largely a self funded affair. It appears that both Entrekin and Peterson spent over $10,000 on the race, with Entrekin giving over $10,000 to his own campaign and Peterson giving over $3,000. Ali'varius was able to gather up a little over $6,000 in donations with about $3,500 coming from herself. Whiting raised $3000 which was completely a personal loan. Nichols is the only one who hasn't filed updated reports.

Interestingly enough, money spent did not necessarily translate into a seat. Peterson won the most votes spending over $10k and Entrekin received the least. Whiting spent only $3,000 and was able to score a seat. I don't always follow these smaller races as closely as I should, but its safe to say that money isn't everything in local elections.

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Mercurious said...

I'm glad to see Peterson didn't make it. I emailed a couple of the candidates about some issues I have that were not brought up in their websites. Peterson's answer to one of my questions was wholly unsatisfactory. While I did like that answer Kate gave me, and did vote for her.