Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gaylord's good news for Mesa

Part of Mesa's long term economic recovery is getting things like the Gateway area development underway and attracting news jobs and businesses to town. So, in the midst of the bad news of the day, at least there is some good news. Gaylord has dropped their plans for a San Diego resort which will hopefully allow them to focus on Mesa.

This should go a long way in showing that Mesa is not as bad of a place to do business. Heck, if I were Mesa, I would shout it from the mountaintops that an important business opted for Mesa over San Diego. In the article, it mentioned that the project is somewhere around $1 billion in private investment. As the story says, it certainly seems like a way to "kick-start" the Gateway area.

In the Tribune story, the Port Commission Chairman is quoted as saying “The lesson to be learned is that when you have a billion-dollar project, you can push these things outside the bounds of success and end up with nothing.”

It will be interesting to see if the voters of Mesa heed this warning.

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