Monday, November 24, 2008

Mesa and ID checks

Mesa has tightened up their ID checks on city contractors. In the wake of the stand-off with Sheriff Arpaio last month, it makes sense for them to take any precautions necessary to prevent it from happening again. I definitely think that this is a step in the right direction in making sure that the City is fighting any perception of being a sanctuary city.

By requiring all employees to show ID to get city badges, it allows the city to do their own level of scrutiny beyond the affidavit of the employer. Mesa has explained the rules to their contractors and will now have the ability to perform audits on workers to check identification.

Its not quite clear how far Mesa will be able to take this, after all, these people do work for a contractor, not for the City. However, its another safeguard in place to try to fight illegal immigration.

Obviously, this is a policy change that stems from an awkward position created by the feud created between the sheriff and the city, but what has come out of it is something that we should recognize as a good policy.

ETA: I have to agree with "mesaazguy" that there is no evil intent here on behalf of the city. In fact, I would bet that Mesa now has a more stringent policy than most, if not all, other cities in the Valley.

I seriously doubt that Mesa employees sit around and find ways to help illegals in between their parties where they burn all of the city's money and take naps dreaming about light rail.

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