Friday, November 14, 2008

More cuts are coming for Mesa

More bad news for Mesa. For the fourth month in the row since the beginning of the fiscal year, Mesa has fallen short on sales tax revenue. The new hole is up to $5.4 million with no relief in sight.

The council is going to have a meeting on Thursday to discuss these issues and the common feeling is that major job cuts are going to be on the table. It also looks like very few employees have taken up the voluntarily severance package, which means that there will likely be a contentious set of layoffs.

The same set of doom and gloomers have taken over the comment section, stating that somehow, the brand new council is at fault for this. They are also trying to blame Riverview, Waveyard, and the Gaylord Project for this. However, they continue to forget that unless these projects generate money, they don't make any money. Performance based incentives make the private investors front the money and then if they succeed, they are able to get some of the reward that they generated.

Its a way to generate capital, unlike a stadium which the taxpayers have to dig into their pocket to pay.

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