Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More on teen killed by Illegal Immigrant

First and foremost, there is a vigil tonight for Kelly Tracy, if you would like to show support or pay your respects. Tragedies such as these are far too commonplace in our society and they usually have an impact on the entire school.

From the story I posted yesterday, I had a commenter point out American citizens are known to drink and drive from time to time as well. I completely agree in light of the recent story of the man ran over after a drunken brawl. The difference is that the man jailed for killing Tracy was arrested in 2007 on a drunken driving count and his status was never checked. He was also stopped in 2006 by the Sheriff's office for an invalid license and no insurance. Not only that, but he was arrested in 2003 in New Mexico, determined to be in the state illegally, and was voluntarily deported back to Mexico.

The question is, how as New Mexico able to determine something that Tempe and Sheriff's was not? Why isn't the Sheriff raiding Tempe City Hall since they aren't taking his battle with illegals seriously?

Bottom line, we are already chock full of people who have too much to drink and make bad decisions. Why do we need to allow more who do the same? I understand that people who want to be in the United States will find ways to get back, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to enforce our laws.

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