Monday, November 3, 2008

Remember to vote tomorrow!

As I am sure EVERYONE is aware by now, tomorrow is Election Day. There has been a lot of attention about the national election, but its also important to weigh in on state and local issues. Here are some handy last minute things you can read if you want to be better prepared:

Mesa Bond Election:

Arizona Republic Coverage
East Valley Tribune Coverage

Legislative Races:

Arizona Republic Candidate Questions

LD 18
Judah Nativio' Website
Russell Pearce's Website
Cecil Ash's Website
Steve Court's Website
Tammy Pursely's Website

LD 19
Chuck Gray's Website
Kirk Adams' Website
Rich Crandall's Website
Kathy Romanos' Website

LD 21 (Partially in Mesa)
Jay Tibshraeney's Website
Phil Hettmansperger's Website
Warde Nichols' Website
Steve Yarbrough's Website

District 22 (Partially in Mesa)
Thayer Verschoor's Website
Andy Biggs' Website
Laurin Hendrix's Website

Healthcare District Race:

District 2
Rob Carey's Website
Greg Patterson's Website
Harlan Stratton's Website

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TopDailyMonitor said...

i will vote jsut count me in.