Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Mesa Twitterers

A couple months ago, we talked about Mesa's growing twitter force. Since then, there have been a few other people to throw into the mix. Here are a few folks that you should follow if you aren't following them already:

@VisitMesaPR is a great team mate to the ever busy @VisitMesa, who is still leader of the twitter pack. The more business oriented approach does a great job promoting what's new in Mesa.

@HiltonMesa mixes promotions, food discussions, and generous amounts of gratitude for follow fridays and other mentions. They are also not afraid to discuss other topics that add to the communication, but for the most part they are dedicated to trying to tempt you into staying at the hotel.

@phxmesagateway is a great source for all of the Gateway news including stuff that you may not see in other places. As the airport grows, let's hope that they continue to integrate twitter as part of their overall communications and customer relations platform.

@ExurbanJon is a Mesa resident and one of the authors of Exurban League, which is a great conservative blog about national and local issues. His tweets are usually very funny and rich with Obama goodness.

@Bullhornguy is an enigma. He is on this list because it says his location is Mesa. He started off solid and now hasn't been heard from in over two weeks. We hope he is okay, because we have to admit that we are sort of fascinated with what he was doing.

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