Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gateway Area Accelerated?

Mesa, ASU and a group called the Greater Phoenix Economic Council announced the formation of something called a "business accelerator" to be located in the Gateway area. While the details are slim at this point, it sounds like the effort is going to attract private and public researchers to the Gateway area to research and explore new technologies.

They are still in the business plan stage, which is going to be headed up by Councilman Scott Somers. Coming off his landslide Gaylord election victory, this could be yet another major victory for Somers to place in his cap. There also appears to be some opportunities to work with the recently formed Arizona Aerospace Institute to help move both projects forward.

This is yet another step for Mesa in becoming the "silicon valley" of aerospace technology. What makes it even more impressive is that it is being done in the current economy. The process might be slow at this point, but they are definitely aimed in the right direction.

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