Monday, August 31, 2009

Doing Business in Mesa

Remember what people used to say about doing business in Mesa? If you asked most people, they would say that it is a place to be avoided. How times have changed!

Here is the latest from the firm SDI who is relocating 250 jobs from California to Mesa. One of the reasons the deal happened? Mesa's quick responses and desire to work with a business to get their deal done. Mesa helped push through the permiting process to make sure that SDI was able to get done on time as they emerged from Chapter 11.

The $2 million local expansion is a boon to the city during a time where a lot of new businesses has been halted. Credit the Mayor, the Council, and the overall change in attitude in the city staff for getting this done. Stories like these go a long way in changing the perception of doing business in Mesa.

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RoadWriter said...

It's nice to see the perception of Mesa is changing and for the better! The Phoenix Travel Examiner followed up on this trend with an article about an Irish trade delegation visiting Mesa in October. You can find it at: