Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cruising returns to Mesa

Cruising returns to Mesa this Saturday night. A long-time tradition that had been snuffed out of Mesa in more recent decades has made a resurgence in popularity as the folks who used to "cruise" in the 60's and 70's want to share the old custom with their kids and grandkids.

Expect some hot cars and some good times downtown, and, despite police encouragement otherwise, maybe a burnout or two. Safe driving is always a must, of course, but let's hope that the police aren't too out of hand keeping things under control. One commenter on the story tells of a bad experience that he had the last time he came to Mesa. Thankfully, he is coming back, but most of the time, events like these don't get a second shot.

Everyone who attends should remember that they are an ambassador of Mesa, and its downtown area. If we want downtown to be a destination that people visit with greater frequency, we have to show them that not only is the area filled with neat places, it's filled with cool people as well. So, put on that smile, dust off that leather jacket (or not since it will probably be 100 degrees), hop in the car and join in the fun this weekend.


Tom said...

You should also have a bicycle cruise night. Close certain streets to cars. If there's really desire to make DT Mesa more bicycle friendly. Sure is a lot less pollution as well.

Heath Reed said...

I think we need a lot of things in downtown and a bike riley is a good idea. Thing is, you have to have enough people to show up to convince the city to close down certain streets.

Its good to see cruising downtown in the summer. However, we need to do other things. Cruising is not going to resurrect downtown.