Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Arpaio's antics wastes even more money for taxpayers

Did you know that Mesa has to pay nearly $6 million a year to book and house inmates in Sheriff Arpaio's jails when in fact there is supposed to be state money to cover it? Even more, did you know that the Sheriff takes Mesa's money to operates the jails and uses the state money left over to send his lackeys on trips and staying in swanky hotels?

Not only did they increase the costs to house the inmates, but the Sheriff also shut down regional detention centers where Mesa PD and other East Valley cities were able to jail their detainees. Now, they have to take the people all the way downtown, costing more gas, vehicle wear and tear, employee time. Not only that, but it means there are even fewer officers on the streets during that time.

How does the Sheriff continue to get away with wasting so much money? I know there are so many people who like him, most of which are conservatives? How do they rationalize their love with the sheriff with his complete disregard for the law and his penchant for spending money like a drunken sailor? There is only so much green bologna to cover up this growing problem.

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