Thursday, August 27, 2009

Restaurants closing in Mesa

Pizza Fusion and EJ's steakhouse have now closed their doors. Let's hope things go okay for Julio César Chávez's restaurant which is supposed to be opening soon.

There's a reason why McDonalds is doing so well right now and everyone from the D-Backs to the local restaurants are offering value meals. The economy is bad and one of the first places people tighten their belts is in their food consumption. Discount eateries and fast food is up, while sit down restaurants, fancy steakhouses, and novelty food places are suffering terribly.

Keep this in mind when you are chosing your next trip to a restaurant. If we want to keep some of the unique eateries around town open in the future, we must be mindful about patronizing them now. Popular local restaurants across the city have been suffering and we fear that more may be forced to close their doors if things don't pick up soon.

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