Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gaylord timeline is uncertain

In a bit of disappointing, though not very surprising, news, the timeline for construction of the Gaylord hotel is now uncertain. Unlike Waveyard, the financing doesn't appear to be the issue as much as the current economy and the demand for conventions. Following the groups that got blasted for holding posh conventions, one should not be surprised that Gaylord's "everything-in-one-place" luxury model for business would take a bit of a hit.

Gaylord isn't supposed to break ground until the end of 2011 at this point, so there may be still time to stick to that timeline. However, it's much more realistic that the timeline will be delayed slightly to coincide more with the recovery of the economy. We've known since the March election that the project wasn't going to happen overnight.

The project is still on the books and everyone seems confident that the whole thing will move forward. Besides, it's not like other people are beating down the door to use that property. The development of the Gateway area is going to take some time, and in this case, good things happen to those who wait.

In the meantime, just as we said back in March, it would behoove the folks at Gaylord and at the Proving Grounds to continue to communicate with the City, the voters, and the people in the area to let them know what is going on. Waveyard fell flat in this regard and now all we hear about them is bad news. If you keep telling us the good news and show that you are committed as a member of this community, we can look past some of the delays and understand that your intentions are true. When we are left with nothing but bad news, the negative impression starts to seep through.

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Heath Reed said...

With some, the negativity will come anyways. Im not surprised they might delay it. But honestly, Im not sure much is going to happen around that area for at least another 8 years IMO. I really hope it is not delayed for too long and they communicate like you stated in your blog. I also hope Waveyard will communicate better and that it will still happen. I have been disappointed in the way they have gone about things and the delays. But I understand the delays and reasons why they have not broken ground yet. I hope the city gives them extra time because I want to see both projects come forth and are successful.