Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Conversation with the Community

What a breath of fresh air! A mayor who actually wants to hear from the people of Mesa. Mayor Smith is hosting two upcoming conversations with the community (Republic version), one for the west side at the Mesa Arts Center and one for the east at MCC Red Mountain.

Between this and actually getting things done, maybe this Mayor won't hightail it to Gilbert when he is out of office.

With the budget struggle somewhat behind us, now is a great time for the Mayor to step forward and see what the people want for the future of our city. Town-halls have become the rage as of late, but we predict that there will be significantly less rowdy behavior at these events. Although, we predict that the Mayor will have to field a few questions about healthcare, Obama, and any of the other national problems we face.

Having more contact with the citizens is never a bad thing, and it is especially welcomed when there is clearly no ulterior motive for his appearance. Combined with his endless positive attitude for the Fiesta District (despite recent set-backs), the Mayor continues to be a spark plug for his "building a better Mesa."

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Heath Reed said...

always a good idea. See what people think, want, what are their concerns etc. its a great way to gain the trust in the local leadership.