Thursday, January 10, 2008

The plot thickens on the Mesa Issues impostor

First, I want to tank Exurban Jon for his kind words in the comments section on the impostor site:

"Since there is already a long-established, well-read blog called 'Mesa Issues,' you should rename your site to 'Mesa Politics' or something. Intentional or not, it is definitely bad form to co-opt someone else’s name."

Thanks buddy! The name "Mesa Politics" may not be correct either. Jon and others may like to know that the intentions of this name stealer may be sinister. A political insider shared this interesting bit of information with me this afternoon after doing a bit of Google snooping. Here is an image that was sent to me:

Here is what the insider had to say about it:

Try Googling Mesa Issues and look what it pops up. Nice how he changed it when they figured it would be too obvious of what kind of site it really was. Notice the LDS candidate. Where in the Tribune or any other news report did it ever mention Scott was LDS?"

I didn't know that Scott Smith was running on the LDS ticket. How did he win the title? Does Claudia Walters know about this? Now, perhaps I am reading too far into this whole thing, but I guess I don't have much to go on. The site has 3 posts, two of which are beating up Scott Smith, and one of which decided to bring up religion.

It is interesting if nothing else.


heidi said...

Not the savviest tech bloggers. As an FYI, Google keeps a cache even when you change the veiled bigotry. I wonder what else his post said before they changed it!! I like your blog and also think that Mesa has some major issues! I'm glad someone is on top of it!

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