Monday, January 7, 2008

Father Dale

Say what you want about him, but people love Father Dale. Even after being told to avoid his services, over 600 people showed up over the weekend to attend Fushek's "parachurch" at the Mesa Convention Center. I bet it was an interesting mix of the hopeful, and those curious to see the spectacle. I'd be interested to see if St. Tims was light this Sunday.

Now, would I attend the services of someone still under investigation? Probably not. Its hard to say if this is some sort of stunt to get people to look past his misdeeds or if this is a genuine attempt on his part to continue to offer his services to those in the community who are in need? It will be interesting to follow this story either way the Supreme Court opinion comes down.

If he is cleared, would he go back to the Catholic Church who has been standing in his way? If he is found guilty, how many of the 600 will stick with him no matter what?


Mesa said...

I'm 100% on the innocent until proven guilty side but I just couldn't possibly feel spiritually enlightened listening to a person charged with such crimes. I'd be pissed if I were one of the victims who had the courage to come forth and he's off doing this in the meantime.

Exurban Jon said...

There are many, many ways to serve the Lord. Very few of them are public and even less provide applause from an adoring crowd.

Since "Father" Dale seems unwilling to explore the myriad private and thankless options, I have my doubts about his intentions.