Friday, January 11, 2008

Good News for Riverview

Looks like a Hyatt might be coming to the Riverview site. I think that this is good for the site and some of the parts that have yet to be developed. It will also have an interesting impact on Waveyard and what kind of hotel deal they are going to be able to swing. Overall, I think that this is good news for the area.

I have talked to some folks who were pretty disappointed several months back with how Riverview was turning out, especially when you compare it to Tempe Marketplace. You have to hand it to Tempe Marketplace, that area is really neat, especially compared to the (literal) dump that it used to be.

I'll admit that my first impression of Riverview was pretty underwhelming. It has taken some time, but its important to look at the big picture. Look at the dealerships that are coming in. Now, look at the hotel that is coming in. These are the types of projects that help bring real tax dollars to the city and attract sustainable development. This will, in turn, attract more retail, which will fill up the rest of the complex. I hope it will all work out - I think its just going to take a little bit longer than expected.

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