Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yankees one win from shutting out Cactus League

Just 10 days ago, we said that we had spoken too soon about the Cactus League not doing well in the MLB playoffs. We guess we spoke too soon again. The Phillies beat the Dodger in convincing fashion in 5 games. Now, we are one Yankee win away from the Cactus League being shut out of the World Series.

Like we said before, it's good that spring training in Arizona next year will be home to two of the final four MLB teams in the Playoffs. However, it doesn't look like we will be home to either the NL or AL Champ, or the World Series winner.

Let's hope that this will help motivate the Valley to rally behind the Cactus League and help keep the Cubs in Mesa and help the Gila River Indian Tribe find a team of their own.

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