Monday, October 19, 2009

Please watch your children!

Residents of Mesa: Please take the time to look after your kids. We have had a series of very tragic and unfortunate events that could more than likely be avoided with stronger parental supervision.

Just in the past couple of days, a 3 year old girl was killed in a parking lot, a car hit a stroller, and a toddler nearly drowned. Please keep your children safe!

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Heath Reed said...

This is all sad news. I do hope the child in the stroller survives. I think this says a lot about our spaces in our city………..they are not safe! Our streets which are suppose to be public space for all users are primarily design for cars. They are too big, too wide and conduce a very unsafe atmosphere for all, including drivers. People are uneducated about peds and so are people who are walking are uneducated about traffic laws as a ped. Too bad we have transportation engineers who do not see this, or even come close to understand this. Maybe instead of using the bonds to “widen” more roads, maybe we need to enhance and complete our streets that we do have right now. We can make our city more aesthetically pleasing, reduces heat island, cleans stormwater in the natural environment, creates a safer environment, slower driving conditions and more connections for peds and bicyclist. In addition to these ideas, we need to think of capturing motorist, not just moving them through our city. This comes under an economic development issue and gets people to see what is around our city and to stop and shop here. These are a few elements to make our huge streets safer. The right of way is there to use.

with that said, this is always sad news. You never want to see children hurt.