Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bad news for sales tax revenues

Once again, Mesa's sales tax revenues have taken a turn for the worse. Once again, Mesa is on the sales tax revenue roller coaster. Once again, we are waiting for the end of the month and crossing our fingers that revenue should be okay. Last month it looked like things were stabilizing, but this month revenues are off again.

Although this sparked a bit of back and forth last time, this is yet another example of why Mesa needs to look for steadier revenue sources. Again, we are not advocating for a tax increase, but we do think that the City should be able to offer its citizens a minimal expectation of what services they should expect.

All of this bad news just goes to serve as a reminder why Mesa needs to work hard to keep revenue sources that we have (the Cubs) and continue to foster others that have future potential (Gaylord and Gateway).

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