Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mesa pitching the Cubs next week

Aided by City and State leaders, the City of Mesa is going to have a chance to make their pitch to the new owners of the Cubs next week. Mesa has several land owners who would be willing to be part of a new stadium facility, and it looks like some of them are going to meet with the Cubs while they are in town.

Mesa is walking a fine line here between being resolved in keeping the Cubs and appearing too willing to do anything. The threat from Florida is real, but that should be mean that the Cubs can hold Mesa hostage for anything they want.

With the potential of facing yet another election, Mesa residents should be reminded that unlike some of the other projects we have voted on in recent years, the Cubs are already contributing to the local economy to the tune of $50 million a year. Mesa cannot afford to lose the Cubs, so let's hope that the Mayor and all of our city leaders are able to put Mesa's best foot forward next week.


Heath Reed said...

Do you think if this facility faces an election will pass, or fail? What do you think will make the Cubs want to stay in Mesa? I want more of your opinion here.

I hope the city and these landowners do a great job and can strike a deal. I hope they do not look desperate, but business like and professional. I am pulling for DMB/Gateway to get it. There plan is innovative and has the right elements to create a trolley special place in this valley. Remember the money, connections, and businesses that they own that could be a possible investment outside of the stadium and or relocating to Mesa.

Mesa Issues said...

It would probably pass. The question is, would the Cubs be willing to allow something like this to go to a ballot.