Thursday, October 15, 2009

Economy still tough for local businesses

The Human Bean, the donut shop turned coffee cafe, has closed its doors. The coffee house was the former site of the controversial Venchell donut shop that ran into sign ordinance issues a few years back.

Apparently, the high profile corner of Country Club Drive and Main Street was not enough to keep business flowing in the area. It just goes to show, that despite some indicators that things are turning around, the economy is still tough for local businesses. The question is, how does this bode for other downtown businesses on Main Street that may not have as prime of a location.

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Heath Reed said...

I really don’t know if that is a prime location due to vpd. Yes, it is a busy stop, but what really is enticing people to stop at this location? The city is really too far down the road to walk, and that intersection is very intimidating to cross. Think of crossing 9 lanes of traffic to get to a small coffee shop?

There really is not enough people living and working in downtown to really support many of these businesses. This will continue to happen to small businesses in downtown. To me, country club road says, “Keep on moving, nothing to see or stop for here”. Instead of moving people through mesa, why not capture them and slow down traffic where people will see these little charms and will stop. Our road design does not help, and councilmen Richins has been talking about this since he got into office. Could be an interesting blog if you interview him on this subject.