Friday, October 2, 2009

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Heath Reed said...

Another idea after the one about heat Island and how it affects mesa. This blog idea is about the valleys Canals. This is something I have been involved with for a while, from when I lived in Mesa and worked for Dave Richins at WMCDC to Grad School up here in Denver in conjunction with ASU professor Nan Ellen. Read it.

At WMCDC, we painted canal bridges a few years back. One has not been that well maintained the last time I saw it by the CDC, but it is a good idea. However, we have canals that run through our city and economic opportunities at this junctions. We also can look at our history and how the canals, ditches and laterals were meeting places, social places for many in the city and in the valley. They are an amenity that has been overlooked as just ugly infrastructure. If we can relize the potential of them, and use them better to cool our city, to bring something different and an identity to Mesa and could increase………tourism (that is apart of the T in HEAT), Mesa can be more than just a suburban that does not have that much to offer, but a many destinations within it. I think the two Ideas I gave you are real to Mesa, and should be discussed. I hope you do.


Heath Reed said...

Nan Ellin that is. not Ellen.