Monday, October 19, 2009

Find your own team!

There is a great editorial from the Southeast Republic saying that the Gila River Indian Community should have a chance to woo a spring training team, but says that it shouldn't be done at Mesa's expense. The editorial makes a good point, these communities shouldn't be competiting for the same commodity, they should be working together to expand it for everyone's benefit.

As we have said before, the current spring training split will not work forever. Next year, there will be 15 teams in Arizona and 15 teams in Florida. This creates a scheduling nightmare, because there aren't an even number of teams, so either some one has to sit out or compete in a split squad game. Eventually, a team is either going to leave for Florida or one is going to come to Arizona. We know that Florida is on the prowl for teams, and have already set their sights on the Brewers as well as the Cubs. Phoenix is probably going to have to do something to keep the Brewers in town as well.

So, this brings up an interesting question - are there other teams in Floriday that should be attracted to Arizona? Here is the list of teams and where they play in Florida. First, they need to update their website a little. The Indians and the Reds don't play in Florida anymore.

In looking at the other teams, you can take a couple out fairly quickly. Neither Florida team would leave, neither would the New York teams (East Coast/newer stadiums), nor Boston which is getting a new stadium (though they are having some trouble). However, the Twins are also in Ft. Myers and are not getting a new stadium. Do you think, perhaps, they would look for greener pastures? How about the Orioles, who have a 20 year old stadium as well.

Clearly, there are some other teams that the Gila River Indian Community could attract that would actually help the Cactus League without hurting Mesa or any other surrounding city.


Heath Reed said...

I really hope they do back off and go after a Florida team or talk to Phoenix and see what they plan on doing with the Brewers. They could do a stadium at I-10 and Loop 202. This could be on the reservation and next to Chandler and Ahwatukee. I am worried about the cubs staying in Mesa and am not a big fan of a stadium out by Gateway.

With the Florida teams you have mentioned, I think the reservation needs to look at demographics of who is coming to Arizona for the winter time. Is it people from Minneapolis or Baltimore? I would say it is most likely Minneapolis.

RedSoxConnect said...

If the Gila River Indians are going to build a ballpark, they likely won't do it for a second-tier team like the Brewers. I think it would be for the Cubs, and if the Cubs decide to stay in Mesa there will be no ballpark on that reservation in the immediate future. The Orioles signed a 30-year lease in July to play in Sarasota in the soon-to-be renovated stadium that the Reds left, and the Twins have one of the most successful spring training operations on either coast and don't want to give up the territorial rights to the Red Sox for their Florida State League team, the Fort Myers Miracle, which could happen if they bolt West. Which is a moot point, because they won't. All that said, I just can't see the Cubbies leaving Mesa and the Brewers will have limited options in either state due to funding. I don't see a new ballpark getting built for them with public money. They'll settle for some renovations in Maryvale or elsewhere, but Maryvale Baseball Park is actually a great just is, and always will be, in a not so great part of PHX.