Thursday, October 1, 2009

What is the future of the Tribune?

As you may have heard, Freedom Communications, the parent company of the Tribune has filed for bankruptcy. The newspaper business has been slowly dying away for awhile now, and the Tribune may be one of the latest victims.

However, there is a chance that a group from the Santa Monica Observer may try to step in and by the Arizona papers that Freedom is trying to shed. In fact, they formed a corporation in Arizona for the purposes of "the business of newspaper publishing" which one would assume was done under the auspices of buying and operating the Tribune. Still no "official" news, which is probably why we haven't heard about it anywhere else.

Our question is, do these new owners intead to operate the paper as well? They have experience in the newspaper business, so there is a chance that they would want to come in and run the operations themselves. We love the Trib for their local news and their libertarian streak, we hope that anyone who buys the paper will let it stay alive and keep the uniquely Mesa voice that we have grown to love.

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Heath Reed said...

I hope they stay. I think it makes Mesa unique and is part of our history. I think it is better for the future of Mesa to as a big city. I hope they get bought out instead of go away.