Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Historical Museum closing

When it comes to museums, its location, location, location. For the Mesa Historial Museum, its location nestled deep within the Lehi neighborhood has finally brought its downfall. The historical museum is closing its doors, but some of its exhibits will live on throughout the city.

We have always wondered why the Historical museum stuck it out in its current location, the old school house in Lehi. More than likely, the historical location isn't availble for much else, so it was probably cheap to use, but the location, parking, and overall appearance didn't make it all that attractive of a destination. One would think that it would have been better to be located downtown near Mesa's other museums.

More than likely the Cactus League exhibit and the Wallace and Ladmo exhibit will continue on in some form - the Cactus League exhibit moving to a different museum and the Wallace and Ladmo pieces finding their way into other facilities and libraries. If it comes down to it, we would bet that there would be countless local Mesa businesses who would be more than willing to display some of the items.

Also, we're assuming someone else has thought of this already, but it seems logical that the new Cubs facility (or near by) would be a very logical place to host the Cactus League museum since they have the largest attendance.

Perhaps, this isn't the end of the Historical Museum, but rather just the end of it as it is known now. Maybe over time, it could be returned in a different format.

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Heath Reed said...

I hope it returns, but not at the same location. I like the history of the location, but it is too far off for people to go to it. I think it needs to spring up in downtown in the near future again, and the original building can be kept and used for a different purpose.