Monday, June 8, 2009

Mesa Fireworks Cancelled

Well, as of now, it looks like Mesa's nearly 50 year long tradition of Fourth of July Fireworks at MCC is cancelled. This feels like one of those things where the publicity of the cancellation will ultimately attract someone to "save" it, but who knows, in this economy, it may be gone for this year.

Before you blame City of Mesa for this, it should be noted that they have been out of the event hosting business for a couple of years now. So, the Sertoma Club has picked up the slack. However, they are saying that the $35,000 for the event is hard to come by. How close are they? Would a drive for some donations via the web help? I don't know if the United Way drive for $5 contributions was a success, but the idea seemed noble.

Here's a thought: why not hit up the friends of the Pioneed Park Train? Remember, they have $26,000 bucks. It could be more people enjoy the fireworks show than would ever go check out that train. Plus, they could view this as a publicity exercise to get the word out about their train and why they need to save it. Then, they could take donations at the event.

Here's another idea, is there any money in the Fiesta District revitalization projects? MCC is in the fiesta district, and while thinking up a fancy name and a business plan is good, perhaps they could devote some funds to an actual event that brings people to the area.


zstruck said...

It really is sad to see this tradition stop. Funds are tight this year, but hopefully there will be some opportunities to save this year and/or future years.

Heath Reed said...

I agree with your last idea. The fireworks should be funded by the district. However, how is that going to be done with a city with no money? That is why you need the businesses to step up and pitch in and get advertising at the event. Maybe have a big ol thing going on all around the District (if you can call it that). Have lame Westcor pitch in some money for this event. Lets think outside the box of some possible great opportunities for this area for this event.